Mesa Arts Festival

On December 9 and 10, 2017 Telaraña will again have a booth, make that a double booth, at the Mesa Arts and Craft Fair. We are very proud to participate in this juried show with our best handmade items.  The last four years have been very successful grossing almost $6000 in 2016.  Over the past two years we sold approximately 190 items entered by 20 to 24 members.  As in past years, each artist marks and prices her/his own items.  Inventory forms will be available later in the fall. Remember, you can only submit items that didn’t sell last year or the year earlier, but none older.  The entry fee is $20/person and Telaraña keeps 15% of all sales, which means you keep 85%!  Let’s make this the best show ever. There will be a “intention to submit” sign-up sheet at the September and October meetings.

It takes a lot of work (and fun) to put this on each year. Please consider joining one of the show committees or talk to Cindy Reynolds about coordinating the 2018 event.

For those of you considering  participation in the 2017 Mesa Arts Center booth, this is the information shared from 2016:

 •    All items must be in new condition, made within the last 2 years and have no noticeable errors. 

•     No items will be accepted on a the day of the festival. 

 •    Complete the inventory list and artist agreement found in the attached link. Submit this signed form along with $20 entry fee when you submit your items.  Fifteen percent of sales will go to the guild. 

 •  Correct labeling is very important There is an instruction sheet for entry in the attached link which includes directions for labeling. You will also find a document showing what sold last years to give you some reference points for pricing. 

MAC Poster 2016

MAC Instructions 2016 (pdf)

MAC Instructions 2016 (Word)

MAC Inventory 2016 (pdf)

MAC Inventory 2016 (Word)