DT Mesa Fest


DT Mesa Fest

Telaraña had another wonderful booth at the Mesa Arts Festival in December that we can be proud of. This only works because we have some wonderful, dedicated members who provide the work to make it happen. We grossed $4444.55 by selling 159 items. 13 people submitted items. 15 different members helped working in the booth. 7 people demonstrated their work to the delight of visitors.

All of these numbers are slightly down from previous years as several people couldn’t participate that normally have. All of those people had very good reasons why they couldn’t participate this year. Hopefully next year, everyone will be well and we will have our usual 20-24 members submitting items for sale.

DT Mesa Fest 2018 Information

The DT Mesa Fest (Downtown Mesa Festival of the Arts) formerly Mesa Arts & Crafts Festival (MACFest) is December 8 & 9. This will be our fifth year, and we will once again have a double booth for you to display and sell your wonderful fiber creations.

Our outstanding high-quality fiber artwork, and booth presentation and
design has achieved 1st or 2nd place awards three times! This is a juried
show, which speaks volumes to the level of excellence of our best
handmade items. As in past years, each artist marks and prices her/his
own items. We can’t accept items that were in the booth prior to 2017.
The entrance fee $20 is each person and Telarana keeps 15% of all sales,
which means you keep 85%! We need high priced, medium priced and
low-priced items to fit the pocketbooks of the many people who visit our

This is a fun event with a wonderful opportunity for us to show and educate the public on what we do — and do so well! Once again, we will have a demonstration area right next to our booth attracting Fest attendees to see and learn.

I can’t wait to see all the beautiful, creative items our members make.

It takes a lot of work (and fun) to put this on each year. Please consider joining one of the show committees or talk to Cindy Reynolds about coordinating the 2018 event.

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