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January Meeting

Mary Walker will share from her extensive experience with Navajo weaving, with a focus on the Two Grey Hills weaving tradition.

Mary is a weaver, cleaner and restorer of Navajo rugs, a Navajo speaker, and a teacher and promoter of Navajo arts and culture. With her friend, master weaver Jennie Slick, she offers classes both on and off the Reservation. These include weaving and dyeing experiences as well as explorations in the local area. Classes are often booked a year in advance. Visit for more information about Mary’s activities.

The Two Grey Hills area is located in western New Mexico between the Chuska Mountains and the Chaco Canyon area. Its weavers produce rugs of distinctive character and quality. The example shown, by Victoria Manygoats, measures 30”x52” and has over 80 weft threads per inch. And the yarn is hand spun.

As with most types of Navajo weaving, trading posts have had a decisive influence in the development of the Two Grey Hills tapestries. For more information on this tradition, see the web sites of two of them, Two Grey Hills and Toadlena .


Second Place Booth at MAC

We won second place for out booth!  Booth fee (single booth) and application fee are waived for next year. 


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