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Knitting Workshops with Isabel Berglund

Would you like to help hand knit or crochet an art piece?

Danish Textile Artist Isabel Berglund brings her participatory practice to the United States this February 2017. Berglund will complete three residencies and month long workshops in Tempe, Arizona; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; and Bloomington, Indiana. The collaboration between the artist and Independent Curator Elizabeth Kozlowski will be exhibited at Schmidt Center Galleries, Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton in the of Fall 2017. Home Mask Relations will also be included as part of the group exhibit Material Domestication at San Francisco Museum of Craft and Design in the Spring of 2019. Isabel Berglund is an internationally recognized textile artist known for her large scale knitting events and participatory art projects.

The workshops are free and open to the public. Lion Brand Yarn in Cotton, Wool and Acrylic will be supplied and we encourage participants to bring their own favorite knitting needles (recommend sizes 5-8) and crochet hooks (H-J). We also ask you to bring a blueprint or sketch of the layout of your home. Patterns and instructions will be provided.

Each workshop will last approximately three hours. Participants can choose to take part in the entire workshop, stay for the instructional period, or stop by and pick up yarn to knit or crochet at home. Each of the workshop participants will hand knit a patch that takes its shape in accordance with the size of their residence in a ratio of 1:20 (their house seen as a blueprint). The floor plan can be a simple drawing of your home. Participants are encouraged to use their favorite stitch and preferred needle size to create their own personal handprint on the surface of the knitted or crocheted patch.

The workshop will begin with an introduction to the project and general questions. Each participant will be given an instruction sheet that includes a pattern example and sketch of the finished work. The artist will assist participants with the creation of patterns made from the drawings of their homes or examples from the workshops. The remainder of the workshop will be dedicated to making the patches. Unfinished pieces may be brought home to be finished. A designated time and place will be provided to send your finished work.

Isabel Berglund and The “Knitting Together” workshops hope to enlist the help of 600+ participants aged 8-95 from throughout the United States. Participants meet at the workshops and knit side by side – creating a natural bond through the process of making that extends out to all other participants through the sharing of a common experience. Sharing patterns, techniques, and individual stories at the workshops will weave a new thread to the history of craft and textile arts. The collective patches will be sewn together in the shape of giant collage that is transformed by the hands of the artist into the installation “Home Mask Relations – A Social Art Project.”

All participants will be acknowledged as part of the project in print materials and signage at each US venue.

The first residency and workshops in the United States will take place here:

ASU International Artist Residency 821 N. 3rd St.
Phoenix, Arizona 85004 480-965-2787

WORKSHOP SCHEDULE: Tuesday March 14 Thursday March 16 Tuesday March 21 Wednesday March 22 Monday March 27 Tuesday March 28 Wednesday March 29

1 – 4pm 9am–12pm 9am–12pm 9am–12pm and 6– 9 pm 9am–12pm and 6– 9 pm 1 – 4pm 9am–12pm

Project materials are provided by Lion Brand® Yarn Company, a 5th generation, family-owned and operated business, and a beloved American brand since 1878. The company is devoted to inspiring and educating knitters and crocheters with yarns, patterns, how-to’s, and ideas that elevate their yarn crafting experience.

The ASU Art Museum International Artist Residency Program brings artists from around the world to live and work in downtown Phoenix on new collaborative projects in partnership with diverse communities and organizations in Arizona.

Join us on facebook/homemaskrelations where you can follow the progress of the project, engage in dialogue with the artist and project collaborators, and share with your friends.

Learn more about Isabel Berglund’s art here:

For more information please contact: Elizabeth Kozlowski, Independent Curator at

Instructors and Artists Wanted:  To Teach Workshops, Classes, and Performances

Hello Artists, Demonstrators, and Instructor Friends of Pueblo Grande Museum!

I just wanted to let you know about an opportunity to become a Qualified Vendor with the City of Phoenix. By applying for this this designation, you would be in a searchable database for the City of Phoenix Parks & Recreation, Arts & Culture, and Human Services Departments as pre-approved instructors, presenters, entertainment, or service providers! This would make it possible for the museum (and others) to schedule workshops, performances, and classes with you and be able to pay you through the City of Phoenix.

Pueblo Grande Museum, Recreation Centers, Senior Centers, and other facilities throughout the City of Phoenix are limited to using vendors only on this list when spending city funds! Please consider registering for this list so that we can begin creating programs, workshops, classes and performances with you at the Museum!  Please take a look at the information provided on their solicitation for request for qualification website.

Thank you!

Renee Aguilar, Museum Aide

City of Phoenix Parks and Recreation
Office: 602.495.0901

Second Place Booth at MAC

We won second place for out booth!  Booth fee (single booth) and application fee are waived for next year. 


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