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August 14 Meeting

Wednesday is our  Summer Telaraňa meeting. It is at 7 p.m. at the Fire Station just South of 8th Avenue on Stapley Drive on the West side of the road. There will be no program; it is a show and tell and work on something meeting! So bring something for show and tell and something to work on.

    See you Wednesday evening!


Downtown Mesa Festival of the Arts

Just in, a message from Cindy:

I just finished getting our application in to participate in the Mesa Art Festival for Dec. 14 and 15! Mark your calendar.   This will be our 6th year (I think) that we have had a wonderful booth of handmade items created by our members.  So… during this summer heat, when we have to be indoors much of the day, I hope you are all making enticing things to put in the booth.  Normally we have 20 to 24 of our members putting things into the show.  Let’s reach that number or more.  I see beautfiul and intriguing items at our show and tells at Telarana meetings.

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  1. Jennifer Richardson says:

    Hi, I like to play with a drop spindle but am mostly doing bobbin lace and tatting these days. I remember being at meetings years ago and there was some overlap with Lacey ladies. Is that still the case?

    The website gives the address and time for meetings but not the date. When is the next meeting?

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