March 8 – Mini-workshops! We will have 5 presenters, and each session will be 40 minutes long.  Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in 2 minis. These will be either make-and-take or demonstrations. The presenters/mini workshops will be:

            Claudia Lemacks – introduction to felting

            Cindy Reynolds – inkle loom

            Shari Monsam – basket woven pincushion

            Winnie Johns – finger manipulated edges

            Nancy Ryan – Kumihimo

February 8 – Members Karla Elling and Nancy Ryan will discuss papermaking and bookbinding respectively. They will both bring examples – a very special show-and-tell.

January 11 – Boisali Biswas, mixed media artist.  “My art is like an odyssey for me through the passage of timehonored techniques, traditions and influences. I contemplate
on how cultures, countries are bound together by the warp and weft of civilization, how we are wrapped in cloth ever since our inception! My journey of working with fibers continues to weave those cultures together in an ambiguous way. We are after all global citizens.”

December 14 – Holiday potluck for members and family.

November 9 – Amari Abboud contacted our guild in early spring looking for a mentor for her senior project.  Member Carol Gordon stepped up and proved to be just the right fit.  Amari will present to the guild her finished work, an embroidered textile, and describe the project from start to finish.

October 12 – Asher Sinclaire, digital eco artist. “I create nature-inspired designs from my photographs and digitally print them on ethical and sustainable natural eco-textiles such as hemp, linen, and cotton that are certified organic and free of harmful substances.”  

September 14     Bring your show-and-tell! Have you had textile experiences in your summer travels? taken a workshop? Please share with us.