As with everything else this year, our programs will be conducted a little differently.   We will still have show-and-tell in our virtual meetings.  If you have something to “show”, please send  a picture to Russ ahead of time so he can format and prepare for sharing during the meeting.  We are taking advantage of the current situation to bring some program presenters in that we might not have been able to have in person.

Members will be sent the Zoom link by email.  Contact Russ if you haven’t received it by noon on the day of the meeting.


October 14:  Our first virtual presenter will be Deb Ebsen “Color Value for Fiber Artists”.   This presentation discusses color value, how to identify color values and make them work for you. 

November 11:  Joyce Wilkerson: “My Weaving Journey-from Inkle Looms to Jacquard”
Weaver and clothing maker, Joyce Wilkerson has a four decade career as a textile designer. She exhibited her clothing collections at national craft shows, and her interior fabrics were represented in designer showrooms. Joyce has focused on creating cloth featuring complex weaves and graphic patterning, then turning the cloth into
wearable art. 

December 9:  TBD

January 13:  “From Virgins to Spaceships: A Visual Voyage through Norwegian Tapestry”.  Robbie LaFleur is a handweaver of contemporary textiles who will trace for us the thread of medieval traditions in the work of contemporary artists, in the materials, techniques, and images they choose. Sit back to view inventive and surprising tapestries from 1180 to today.

February 10:  “Pre-Columbian Doubleweave Techniques” with Jennifer Moore.
Jennifer prepared for a year to teach this technique at a conference at the Center for Traditional Textiles of Cusco in Cusco, Peru. She studied blackstrap weaving, Peruvian doubleweave and Spanish. Jennifer will present a slideshow from the conference and her travels in Peru, as well as demonstrating what she taught at the conference. 

March 10:  We’re hoping to be back to in-person meetings for our mini-workshops.

April 14:  Election of Officers. Program TBD

May 12:  TBD