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Upcoming Workshops

All virtual workshops will be recorded and participants will have access to them for 30 days. More detail will be in the newsletter as the workshop date gets closer. 

Please note:  If you want to take both of the workshops open for registration now, you can send one check, but please send a registration form for each workshop. 

“Unlocking the Magic of Blended Drafts” with Barbara Diefenderfer     Saturday, October 16, 2021 10 am-1 pm MST             Virtual via Zoom

In this hands-on lecture, students will  learn how to integrate two or more weave structures or pattern drafts creating a blended threading, tie-up and treadling. Using this one threading you can weave either of the parent drafts or an original combination from the new draft all on one threading, opening the door to new weaving adventures.  Cost $30.

Barbara Diefenderfer Magic of Blended Drafts Registration-Form



“Weaving in a Parallel Universe” with Linda Hartshorn                                       Nov 11 & 13, 2021 (10 am, 1 pm & 4 pm MST)  Nov16 (10 am MST)              Virtual via Zoom 

Explore a parallel universe of possibilities in weaving! Parallel threadings are incredibly versatile and can be used to weave a variety of structures including echo weave twills and jin (polychrome turned taquete). Set up your loom with the threading of your choice in four warp colors. Using various treadlings and tieups, weave vibrant colorways, echoes and iridescence. Learn how to create a parallel threading and how to use network drafting. Study a variety of drafts, view demonstrations with weaving software, and weave samples on your loom at home. Add the power of parallel threadings to your weaving repertoire.

Level: intermediate-advanced. 8 shafts or more. Threadings are long and complicated with a dense sett.                                                                                                                             Concerned about your proficiency level?  Contact Betz, 

Cost $100 for members $120 for nonmembers. 

Linda Hartshorn Weaving in a Parallel Universe Registration Form



More to come!

Solve the Mystery of Fit!  with Daryl Lancaster February 12 Virtual 2-2/12 hours starting at 10 AM MST.

Do you know the difference between design ease and wearing ease or semi-fitted and very loose fitting garments.  

Make Your Own Wearable Art Jacket with Suzi Click Saturday and Sunday February 19 & 20 in person from 10:30—4:00 MST. You will make a jacket from one of 7 different patterns from your favorite ethnic or other special textiles using Suzi Click’s method of coordinating textiles and trims by theme, pattern or color with materials provided by her.       

 Intro to Card Weaving with Winnie Johnson Saturday March 19 in person 9-2 MST You learn to set up and thread the cards for weaving, as well as ways of tensioning, weaving, drafting and reading patterns. 

Weave a Porch Stool  with Sue Muldoon Saturday April 9 Virtual 2 hours starting at 10 AM MST. 

Students will learn the basics of weaving the New England Porch Weave on a stool.  You will wind up with a gorgeous natural reed stool and a new skills.

 Almost Ikat with Bonnie Tarses April 23 Virtual 2 hours starting at 10 AM MST

You will learn all about Bonnie’s “tricks”–Turned Weft Ikat and Almost Ikat.