Study Groups

Tapestry/Navajo/Backstrap Study Group

Mesa Red Mountain Community College Red Mountain Campus near McKellips and Power Roads is the meeting place for the Tapestry/Navajo Weaving study group. It is in the Palo Verde Building, first classroom #114 on the first Saturday each month, 9am – 12:30pm.  We have plenty of room! Do come and join us. Email Sharie Monsam if you need directions. See our Face Book page: MCC Tapestry and Navajo weaving study group Our Guild also has a Face Book page: Telarana Weavers and Spinners Guild I hope you are a member of that also.


Coffee cans/lids or plastic containers/lids to put coffee grounds and peelings of vegetables/fruit. The MCC Red Mountain has a newly planted orchard with 9 fruit trees and has started a compost pile. The containers will be sent home with students to collect this material. Give to Sharie.

Boxes or we used to call them flats. When you are in the grocery stores, look down the beverage aisle and see if a soda pop representative is filling product. He/she will be happy to have you take the boxes. We need them for our children’s weaving project at Pueblo Grande Museum in February. Sharie is collecting these and will pre-cut them so they are ready to be warped.

Yarn suitable for Navajo weaving and tools (Forks) to be sent to Tohatchi High School in New Mexico. They have a class in Navajo weaving for interested students. They always need yarn and tools. A one-ply wool yarn like Brown Sheep brand or handspun is what is needed. Give to Sharie to mail.

The Board has agreed to donate to Adopt an Elder which is a non-profit that provides firewood, food, stoves and YARN to these elderly weavers. They will even post the finished rugs for sale and 100% of sales goes to the weaver. Adopt an Elder is for Navajos 75 years and older. See: They do wonderful work! Marie Nez is shown with her rug for sale.

Weavers Study Group

Weaving Structure Experience IV Workshop

Seven weavers gathered at the Mesa Historical Museum to enjoy a day of weaving and learning from each other.  Each participant brought a loom warped with a structure from Marguerite Davison’s book that had multiple treadlings.  Besides getting to experience each of the structures, everyone from our newest weavers to our most experienced weavers shared something that others didn’t know.  We had two weavers who have been weaving less than a year and two weavers who have been weaving over 40 years

For the past several years the weavers study group has organized a fun day of weaving and learning for ourselves. This year we have chosen to use Marguerite Davison’s book, A Handweaver’s Pattern Book. Each of us will warp our looms with some structure from the book that has multiple treadlings. So far we have people choosing: birdseye, undulating twill, canvas weave, Finish monk’s belt, Swedish Rosepath, New Canaan Check, and crackle.

We will meet at either Stapley Fire Station in Mesa or the Chandler Historical Museum. We’ll start at 9 and end some time in the afternoon. Details about preparation and the day will be sent to those that are going to participate.

We always have a room for a few extra people who are just starting to weave that want to participate. They don’t have to bring a warped loom.
Contact Cindy Reynolds if you want more information.