Study Groups

The Tapestry/Navajo/Backstrap Study Group meets at the MCC Red Mountain Campus, Power Rd. and McKellips, in East Mesa, the first Saturday of each month, 9am-12:30. From that intersection go EAST to the first light and turn LEFT/NORTH onto the campus. At the first stop sign, turn LEFT and wind around campus to the Palo Verde Building, room 114. You may park in the employee parking lot.

Facebook:  MCC Tapestry and Navajo Study Group   Contact Sharie Monsam at for location and any changes.

The Weavers Study Group meets the 3rd Monday of each month, 7 to 9 pm, Stapley Fire Station (west side between Southern & Broadway).

Study group will resume meeting in January 2018. Laura Fry’s wet finishing video will be viewed.

Contact Cindy Reynolds at  for locations and any changes.

2017–2018 Weaving Workshops

Workshop Day, Organized by Winnie Johnson

Plans are underway for the September 23rd Weaving Workshop Day. Karen Zorn is again hosting the event in the clubhouse at her new community, Las Palmas Grand. We will be weaving rug samples on workshop looms, which of course are not sturdy or large enough for rugs. So essentially, we are weaving placemats or hot pads using rug threadings.  Most participants have been given warping and weaving assignments, but there are still several available.  Call Winnie if you’d like to participate.

Warp should be 8/4 cotton or 12/6 or 12/9 cotton seine twine or perhaps a heavy crochet cotton or pearl cotton (3/2 or 5/2).

(See Weaving Study Group Workshop for detailed information.)

Design Weaver
One Threading, Several Structures (4H) includes a double-faced variation, 12 epi Lee Kilpack 
Double Faced Rag Rug: Two Versions (3H) good for wool, 4 doubled epi   
Love’s Path (4H) 12 epi Karen Kehlenbach 
Undulating Twill (4H) 8 epi   
Double Weave (8H) 12/6 at 8 epi Linda Wade 
Blue Shadows Rug (4H) 24 epi Karen Zorn 
Krokbragd (3H) 4 epi Cindy Reynolds 
Rosepath (4H) 12/6 at 8 epi Laura Kline 
Chicken Tracks (4H) 12 epi Wendy Beaver 
Checkerboard (2H) 12 or 15 epi   
Log Cabin (2H) 12 epi  Sandy Ewald
Rep Weave (8H) 8/4 at 30 epi    
Crackle Overshot (4H) 5 epi Debi Deadmond 
Tabby with Pattern Floats Linda Finkelstein 
Basketweave (6H) 8/4 at 12 epi   
Basketweave (4H) 12/6 at 6 epi   
Rosepath I Nancy Ryan 
Patchwork Gina Saettone