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Adnum, Heidi Crafters Guide to Taking Great Photos, The
Albaum, Charlet Ojo De Dios-Eye of God, An Old Indian Folk Becomes a New Decorative Craft
Alderman, Sharon & Wertenberger, K Handwoven, Tailormade: A Tandum Guide to Fabric Designing, Weaving, Sewing and Tailoring (2nd copy)
Allen, Carter and Dodie Weavers Way, The: Navajo Profiles
Allen, Jeanne Designer?s Guide To Color # 1
Allen, Jeanne Designer?s Guide To Color # 2
Allen, Jeanne Designer’s Guide To Color # 3
Amsden, Charles Avery Navaho Weaving: Its Technique and History
Anderson, Clarita S. Weaving a Legacy, The Don and Jean Stuck Coverlet Collection
Anderson, Enid Spinner’s Encyclopedia
Anderson, Sarah Spinner’s Book of Yarn Designs, The
Arn-Grischott, Ursina Doubleweave on Four to Eight Shafts
Atwater, Mary Meigs Byways in Handweaving
Atwater, Mary Meigs Design and the Handweaver #3
Atwater, Mary Meigs Handwoven Rugs
Atwater, Mary Meigs Shuttle-Craft Book American Handweaving
Atwater, Mary Meigs Shuttle-Craft Book-American Handweaving Revised
Baizerman, Suzanne & Searle, Karen Finishes in The Ethnic Tradition
Baizerman, Suzanne & Searle, Karen Latin American Brocades: Explorations in Supplementary Weft Techniques
Barber, Elizabeth Wayland Women’s Work The First 20,000 Years, Women, Cloth & Society in Early Times
Barrett, Clotilde Boundweave
Barron, Birgit Olson Knitting on the Loom
Bateson, Vivienne Woven Fashion
Beard, Betty J. Fashions From The
Becher, Lottie Handweaving Designs & Instructions
Bennett, Anna G. Five Centuries of Tapestry
Bennett, Noel Weaver’s Pathway, The: A clarification of the “Spirit Trail” in Navajo Weaving
Bennett, Noel & Bighorse, Tiana Working With the Wool, How to Weave a Navajo Rug (3rd copy)
Best, Eleanor Weaves: A Design Handbook
Better Homes & Gardens Crocheting and Knitting
Beutlich, Tadek Technique of Woven Tapestry (2nd copy)
Beutlich, Tadek Technique of Woven Tapestry, The
Billings, Judith Maid, Mother, Crone and the Rabbit Net
Birrell, Verla Textile Arts, Handbook of Weaving, Braiding, Printing & other Textile Techniques, The
Birren, Faber Textile Colorist, The
Black, Mary E. New Key to Weaving
Blumenthal, Betsy & Kreider, Kathryn Hands on Dyeing
Bonar, Eulalie H. (edited by) Woven by the Grandmothers, Nineteenth-Century Navajo Textiles from the National Museum of the American Indian
Bordhi, Cat Treasury of Magical Knitting, A
Boucher, Francois 20,000 Years of Fashion; The History of Costume and Personal Adornment
Bradley, Lavinia Inkle Weaving
Bress, Helene Inkle Weaving
Bress, Helene Inkle Weaving (2nd copy)
Bress, Helene Weaving Book, The
Brody, JJ Between Traditions: Navajo Weaving Toward the End of the Nineteenth Century
Bronson, J. and R. Early American Weaving and Dyeing
Brooklyn Botanic Garden Dye Plants and Dyeing ? A Handbook
Brooklyn Botanic Garden Natural Plant Dyeing
Bryan, Nonabah G. Navajo Native Dyes, Their Preparation & Use
Bryant, Laura Fiber Artist’s Guide to Color, A
Buchanan, Rita Weaver?s Garden, A
Burgess, Rebecca Harvesting Color, How to Find Plants and Make Natural Dyes
Burnham, Dorothy K. Cut My Cote
Carlstedt, Catharina & Kongback, Ylva REP
Chandler, Deborah Learning to Weave
Chandler, Deborah Learning to Weave (2nd copy)
City of Liverpool Museum Coptic Weaves, Notes on the Collection of Coptic Textiles in the City of Liverpool Museum
Clark, Hazel Fibres to Fabrics (Needs Repair)
Collingwood, Jason Rug Weaving: Block Weaves & Shaft Switching
Collingwood, Peter Peter Collingwood: His Weaves & Weaving #8
Collingwood, Peter Techniques of Rug Weaving, The
Collingwood, Peter Techniques of Rug Weaving, The; Beyond the Basics
Collingwood, Peter Techniques of Sprang
Collingwood, Peter Techniques of Tablet Weaving, The
Colton, Mary-Russell Ferrell Hopi Dyes
Compilation Best of Weaver’s: The magic of Double Weave, The
Constantine, Mildred & Larsen, Jack L Beyond Craft: The Art of Fabric
Corran, Eric Understanding the Spinning Wheel
Creager, Clara Weaving: A Creative Approach For Beginners
Crockett, Candace Card Weaving
Crolius, Kendall & Montgomery, Anne Knitting with Dog Hair
Cyrus-Zetterstrom, Ulla Manual of Swedish Handweaving
Da Conceicao, Maria Wearable Art
Daugherty, Robin Taylor Splint Woven Basketry
Davenport, Betty Linn Textures & Patterns For The Rigid Heddle Loom
Davenport, Elsie G. Your Handspinning
Davison, Marguerite Porter A Handweaver’s Pattern Book
Davison, Marguerite Porter Handweaver’s Source Book
Davison, Marguerite Porter Handweaver’s Pattern Book, A
Dedra, Don Navajo Rugs, How to Find, Evaluate, Buy & Care For Them (2nd copy)
Dendel, Esther Warner Basic Book Fingerweaving, The
D’Harcourt, Raoul Textiles of Ancient Peru and Their Techniques
Dixon, Anne Handweaver’s Pattern Directory, The
Dixon, Anne Weaver’s Inkle Pattern Directory, The
Douglas, Harriet Handweaver’s Instruction Manual
Droop, Joan Rugmaking
Dun, Kathryn & Farnham, Paul Beautiful Sheep
Duncan, Molly Spin Your Own Wool/Dye It/ Weave It
Earth Guild Surface Design With Procion Dyes
Edinburgh International Festival Master Weavers, Tapestry from the Dovecot Studios, 1912-1980
Fannin, Allen Handspinning: Art & Technique (2nd copy)
Farrow, Hazel Painting Warps
Fassett, Kaffe Glorous Knits, 35 Designs for Sweaters, Dresses, Vests and Shawls
Feldman, Annette Handmade Lace & Patterns
Fiberarts Fiberarts Design Book 1980
Fisher, Nora 1500 Years of Andean Weaving
Fisher, Nora Rio Grande Textiles
Freeman, Mollie & Lamb, Sara Warp Painting Plus ? Garment Design & Construction Tips
Frey, Berta Designing & Drafting For Handweavers
Frey, Berta Four Harness Weaving
Fry, Laura Good Yarn: Cotton, A
Fry, Laura Good Yarn: Rayon, A
Fry, Laura Wet-Finishing for Weavers
Gaudy, Betty Checkerboard Patterns
Glasbrook, Kristen Tapestry Weaving
Gordon, Beverly Final Steps Traditional Methods & Contemporary Applications for Finishing Cloth by Hand, The
Groff, Russell E. 200 Patterns For Multiple Harness Looms
Groff, Russell E. 200 Patterns For Multiple Harness Looms (2nd copy)
Groff, Russell E. Card Weaving or Tablet Weaving
Hall, Joanne Learning to Warp Your Loom
Hamaker, Barbara Clothing: A Handwoven Approach
Handweavers Guild of America Certificate of Excellence in Dyeing: Handbook
Handweavers Guild of America Spinning: From the First 10 Years of S.S. & D.
Handwoven Magazine Design Collection #14 Weaving for Baby
Handwoven Magazine Design Collection #4
Handwoven Magazine Handwoven Magazine, March/April TAPESTRY
Handwoven Magazine Handwoven Magazine, March/April TWILLS
Handwoven Magazine Handwoven Magazine, May/June COTTON
Handwoven Magazine Handwoven Magazine, Winter TWILLS & BEYOND
Hansen, Egon Tablet Weaving: History, Techniques, Colours, Patterns
Harmsen, Bill Patterns and Sources of Navajo Weaving
Harter, Joyce Weaving That Sings — Theo Moorman Technique
Harvey, Nancy Guide to Successful Tapestry Weaving, The
Harvey, Nancy Tapestry Weaving: A Comprehensive Study Guide
Harvey, Virginia I. Split-Ply Twining
Haskins, Nancy Arthur Universal Stitches for Weaving, Embroidery & Other Fiber Arts (2nd copy)
Hedlund, Ann Lane Gloria F Ross & Modern Tapestry
Held, Shirley E. Weaving: A Handbook for Fiber Craftsmen
Hollander, Annette Bookcraft: How To Construct Note Pad Covers, Boxes and Other Useful Items
Hollen, Norma & Saddler, Jane Textiles, 2nd Edition
Hollister, Uriah S. Navajo and His Blanket, The
Hopkins, Mary Ellen It’s Okay If You Sit On My Quilt Book, The
House of White Birches staff Perfectly Plus
Ingers, Gertrud Flemish Weaving, A Guide to Tapestry Technique
Interweave Press Interweave Vol 6 #1
Interweave Press Jackets & Blouses
Interweave Press Overlayers
Interweave Press Simple Skirts
Irwin, Bobbie Twined Rag Rugs, Tradition in the Making
Jackson, Jan Procion Dye Workshop
James, Carol Sprang Unsprung: An Illustrated Guide to Interlinking, Interlacing and Intertwining
James, George Wharton Indian Blankets & Their Makers
James, H.L. Posts and Rugs, The Story of Navajo Rugs and Their Homes (2nd)
James, Jean & Kreiss, Sandy Finishing Touch, The
Jensen, Elizabeth Baskets from Nature’s Bounty
Jongeward, David Weaver of Worlds: A Woman?s Journey in Tapestry
Joseph, Marjory L. Essentials of Textiles
Justema, William and Doris Weaving & Needlecraft Color Course
Kagan, Sasha Sasha Kagan Sweater Book, The
Kahn, Deborah Handspun Project Book
Kampert, Carol & Henrickson Susan Dyer?s Book, Featuring Cushing Dye Samples
Kaplin, Margo & Hunsaker, Curt Macrame West
Kapoun, Robert Language of the Robe: Indian Trade Blankets
Kaufman, Lou Feltmaking Workshop & Mask Inspiration
Kliot, Jules and Kaethe Kumi Himo, Techniques of Japanese Plaiting
Klos, Dagmar Dyer’s Companion, The
Knisely, Tom Loom Owner’s Companion, The
Knisely, Tom Weave a Good Rug with Tom Knisely: From Fiber to Finish
Knutson, Linda Synthetic Dyes For Natural Fibers
Knutson, Linda Workshop: Dyeing for Color, Synthetic Dyes for Natural Fibers (2nd copy)
Knutson, Linda Workshop: Dyeing for Color, Synthetic Dyes for Natrual Fibers
Lamb, Dr. Frank W. Indian Baskets Of North America
Lancaster, Daryl Inlaid Transparency: The Theo Moorman Technique
Lancaster, Daryl Seam and Edge Finishes
Lance, Mary Blue Alchemy: Stories of Indigo
Landis, Lucille Twills And Twill Derivatives
Laughlin, Mary Elizabeth More Than Four
Lavitt, Wendy & Weissman, Judith Reiter Labors of Love: American Textiles & Needlework 1650-1930
LeClerc, Robert Warp And Weave
Lee, Thelma Macra-Hangings Lee Originals
Liebler, Barbara Hands On: Weaving
Lily Mills Co Practical Weaving Suggestions Vol. 4, #1
Lily Mills Co Weaving Classics, Original Lily Weaver’s Work Sheets Nos. 1-23, 1930-1950
Linder, Harry P. Handspinning Flax
Linder, Harry P. Hints From Harry
Linder, Harry P. Hints From Harry (2nd copy)
Linder, Olive and Harry Handspinning Cotton
Mallow, Judy Mofield Pine Needle Basketry from Forest Floor to Finished Project
Mason, Lisa Shobhana Yarn Play
Mattera, Joanne Navajo Techniques For Today’s Weaver
Mayer, Anita Luvera Modular Clothing
McKay, Mary Centinela Weavers of Chimayo: Unfolding Tradition, The
McPhee, Stephanie Stephanie Pearl-McPhee Casts On, The Yarn Harlot’s Guide to the Land of Knitting
Meilach, Dona Z & Snow, Lee Erlin Weaving Off-Loom
Meilach, Dona Z. Creating Art From Fibers And Fabrics
Meilach, Dona Z. Macrame: Creatrive Design in Knitting
Menz, Deb Colorworks
Monk, Kathleen Craft of Fabric Printing
Moore, Jennifer Doubleweave
Moore, Jennifer Doubleweave Basics
Moore, Jennifer Weaver’s Studio: Doubleweave, The
Moorman, Theo Weaving as an Art Form, A Personal Statement
Moorman, Theo Weaving as an Art Form, A Personal Statement (2nd copy, 1st is PB)
Muller, Donna Handwoven Laces
Muller, Donna Handwoven Laces (2nd copy)
Museum of International Folk Art Indigo
Museum of International Folk Art Spanish Textile Tradition of NM-Co
Museum of Northern AZ Tension & Harmony: The Navajo Rug
Mustard, Francis E. Dyeing the Natural Way
Nash, Dominie Warp Painting: Manual For Weavers
Neel, Jean M. I’d Rather Dye Laughing
Neher, Evelyn INKLE
O’Connor, Paul R. Double Weave I: Loom Control
O’Connor, Paul R. Double Weave II: More Loom Control
O’Connor, Paul R. Twill Of Your Choice, A
Oelsner, G. H. Handbook of Weaves, A
Overman, Ruth & Smith, Lula Contemporary Handweaving
Palmer & Pletsch Serger Idea Book, The
Palmer, Pati & Brown, Gail & Green, Sue Creative Serging, The Complete Handbook for Decorative Overlock Sewing
Parker, Xenia Ley Hooked Rugs & Ryas, Designing Patterns & Applying Techniques
Patrick, Jane Weaver’s Idea Book, The: Creative Cloth on a Rigid Heddle Loom
Patrick, Jane Weaver’s Idea Book, The: Creative Cloth on a Rigid Heddle Loom(2nd copy)
Pendleton, Mary Double Weave Series (1974 & 1976)
Pendleton, Mary Navajo and Hopi Weaving Techniques
Pendleton, Mary Overshot Weave Series, The
Pennington, Fred 16 Harness Patterns: The Fanciest Twills of All
Plath, Iona Craft of Handweaving, The
Plath, Iona Handweaving
Poris, Ruth F Advanced Beadwork
Powell, Marian 1000 (+) Patterns In 4, 6 and 8 Harnes Shadow Weaves
Proctor, Richard M. Principles of Pattern, The
Quinn, Celia Yarn: A Resource Guide For Handweavers
Raven, Lee Hands On: Spinning
Redman, Jane Frame Loom Weaving
Regensteiner, Else Art of Weaving, The
Regensteiner, Else Weaver’s Study Course
Reichard, Gladys Weaving a Navajo Blanket
Rex, Susan Dyeing Wool and Other Protein Fibers
Rodee, Marian E. Southwestern Weaving
Rogers, Carrie M. Loom to Build, A
Ross, Mabel Essentials of Yarn Design for Handspinners
Roth, Bettie G. & Schulz, Chris Handbook of Timesaving Tables for Weavers, Spinners & Dyers
Roth, H. Ling Studies in Primitive Looms
Ruane, Joan Cotton Spinning Made Easy
Ruane, Joan Cotton Spinning with The Takli: Connecting with an Ancient Tradition
Rush, Helene & Emmons, Sweaters By Hand
Russell, Carol K Tapestry Handbook, The
Sagers, Peggy My Very Best Dressed ME!
Salem Area Spinners Spintips: A Handbook / Handspinners
Saltzman, Ellen Overshot Weaving
Sayres, Meghan Nuttall Weaving Tapestry in Rural Ireland
Scorgie, Jean Handwoven Designer Patterns #102
Scorgie, Jean Handwoven Designer Patterns #103
Scorgie, Jean Handwoven Designer Patterns #104
Searle, Karen Moorman Inlay for Rigid Heddle Looms
Searles, Nancy M. Technique Of Freeform Design
Searles, Nancy M. Technique of Freeform Design, The
Selander, Malin Swedish Swatches
Selander, Malin Weaving Patterns
Shellinglaw, Phil Introducing Weaving
Shinn, Carol Freestyle Machine Embroidery: Techniques and Inspiration for Fiber Art
Shuttle, Spindle & Dyepot Shuttle, Spindle & Dyepot Magazine, Summer 1991
Siler, Lyn Handmade Baskets, 28 Baskets to Make for Your Home
Simmons, Paula Handspinners Guide To Selling
Simmons, Paula Spinning & Weaving with Wool (Needs Repaired)
Singer, Amy R. No Sheep for You
Smayda,Norma; White, Gretchen; Brown, Jody; Schelleng, Katharine Weaving Designs by Bertha Gray Hayes: Miniature Overshot Patterns
Snow, Marjorie and William Tablet Weaving: Step By Step
Snyder, Mary E Crackle Weave, The
Snyder, Mary E. Lace and Lacey Weaves
Sommer, Elyse and Mike Wearable Crafts
Southan, Mandy Beginner’s Guide to Silk Painting
Spring, Christopher African Textiles
Stevens, Bernice A. Weaving With Reeds & Fibers
Stevens, Helen M Myth & Magic of Embroidery, The
Stove, Margaret Spinning for Lace
Strickler, Carol American Woven Coverlets
Strickler, Carol Portfolio of American Coverlets, A #1
Strickler, Carol Portfolio of American Coverlets, A #2
Strickler, Carol Portfolio of American Coverlets, A #3
Strickler, Carol Portfolio of American Coverlets, A #4
Strickler, Carol Weaver’s Book of 8-Shaft Patterns, A
Strickler, Carol & Taggart, Barbara Weaving In Miniature
Sutton, Ann Color-and-weave Design: A Practical Reference Book
Sutton, Ann Structure of Weaving, The
Swanson, Karen Rigid Heddle Weaving
Swanson, Karen Rigid Heddle Weaving
Switzer, Chris Spinning Llama & Alpaca
Taber, Barbara & Anderson, Marilyn Backstrap Weaving, Step-by-ste- techniques on one of oldest & most versatile looms
Tacker, Harold and Sylvia Band Weaving
Tate, Sharon Lee & Edwards, Mona Shafer Fashion Coloring Book, The
Taylor, Scarlet Knit With Beads, Stunning Shawls & Wraps
Telaraña Digital Guild Records
Telaraña Fashion Show
Telarana Thrumbs, Crumbs and Weftovers
Telaraña Weaver’s Year 2000, A
Telaraña 1992 Fashion Show
Telarana 1998 Fashion Show
Telarana Dye Interest Group
Telarana Handwoven Clothing
Tidball, Harriet Color & Dyeing – SCG#16
Tidball, Harriet Contemporary Costume/Strictly Handwoven #24
Tidball, Harriet Contemporary Tapestry #12
Tidball, Harriet Double Weave: Plain and Patterned #1
Tidball, Harriet Merry Christmas, Handweavers #10
Tidball, Harriet Supplementary Warp Patterning #17
Tidball, Harriet Textile Structure & Analysis A Home Study Course in Twelve Lessons #18
Tidball, Harriet Two-Harness Textiles: The Loom-Controlled Weaves #20
Tidball, Harriet Two-Harness Textiles: The Open-Work Weaves #21
Tidball, Harriet Undulating Weft Effects #9
Tidball, Harriet Weaver’s Book, The: A Practical, Authoritative Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners by an Expert Weaver
Tidball, Harriet Weaving Inkle Bands #27
Tidball, Harriet Woolens and Tweeds #4
Tidball, Harriet Woolens and Tweeds #4 (2nd copy)
Tobin, Jacqueline Hidden in Plain View: Quilts and the Underground Railroad
Tod, Osma Gallinger Joy of Hand Weaving, The
Tod, Osma Gallinger & Benson, Oscar H. Weaving with Reeds and Fibers
Tod, Osma Gallinger & Del Deo, Josephine Couch Rug Weaving For Everyone
Tovey, John Technique of Weaving, The
Tovey, John Weaves and Pattern Drafting
Traicoff, Gloria You Can Weave A Landscape – Book 1
Van Der Hoogt, Madelyn Complete Book of Drafting for Handweavers, The
Van Der Hoogt, Madelyn Workshop: Weave Structure
Varney, Diane Spinning Designer Yarns
Vickery, Anne Einset Felting by Hand
Vinroot Sally & Crowder, Jennie New Dyer: With Colorcue Hue Analysis Aide
Vinroot Sally & Crowder, Jennie New Dyer: With Colorcue Hue Analysis Aide (2nd copy)
von Finckenstein, Mary (edited by) Nuvisavik: the place where we weave
Weavers Guild of Boston Mass Processing and Finishing Handwoven Textiles
Weavers Guild of Greater Baltimore 1949-2009 Sixty Scarves for 60 Years
Weltge, Sigrid Wortmann Women?s Work, Textile Art From the Bauhaus
Wertenberger, Kathryn 8, 12?20 An Introduction to Multishaft Weaving
West, Virginia Designer Diagonals: A Portfolio of Patterns for Bias Clothing
West, Virginia M. Finishing Touches for the Handweaver
West, Virginia M. Weaver’s Wearables
Wheat, Joe Ben Blanket Weaving in the Southwest
Williams, Thelma Pearson Macrame Hangers for Small Places
Wilson, Jean Pile Weaves, The: Twenty-six Techniques and How To Do Them
Wilson, Jean Weave With Style
Wilson, Jean Weaving is Creative: The Weaver Controlled Warp
Wilson, Jean Weaving Is For Anyone
Wilson, Jean & Burhen, Jan Weaving You Can Wear
Windeknecht, Margaret and Thomas Color-and-Weave
Windeknecht, Margaret B. Creative Overshot
Wittenberg, Barbara or .. alternatives to the fig leaf
Young, Helen Daniels Study of the Relationship Between Borders & Patterns, A
Zawistoski, Patsy Spinning Cotton, Silk & Flax
Zielinski, Stanislaw A. Encyclopedia of Handweaving
Garrett, Cay Warping All By Yourself
Compilation Best of Weaver’s: Fabrics That Go Bump, The
Alexander, Kathryn Spinning Energized Yarns
Atwater, Mary Guatemala Visited #15
Beck, Dorothy & Chase, Hazel Handwoven Embroidery Weavers
Boyd, Heidi Soft and Simple Knits for Little Ones
Bradley, Sue Cotton Collection
Associates of the LA County Museum of Art Navajo Blanket, The
Bress, Helene Inkle Weaving (3rd copy)
Broughton, Kate Textile Dying: The Step-by-Step Guide and Showcase
Chapman, Tracy Toys to Knit
Collingwood, Peter Techniques of Rug Weaving, The (2nd copy)
Collins, Karida & Brucy, Libby Pints & Purls: Portable Projects ofr the Social Knitter
Compilation Best of Vogue Knitting Magazine, The
Compilation Rug Weaver’s Source Book
Compilation Rug Weaver’s Source Book (2nd copy)
Compilation Best of Weavers, The: Huck Lace
Compliation from Knitter’s Magazine Socks-Socks-Socks
Cone, Ferne Geller Crazy Crocheting
Craft & Folk Art Museum/Los Angles Weaving Traditions of Highland Bolivia
Deal, Kelley Bags that Rock: Knitting on the Road
Dean, Jenny Wild Color: The Complete Guide to Making and Using Natural Dyes
Dixon, Heather Not Your Mama’s Knitting: the Cool and Creative Ways to Pick Up Sticks
Edwards, Michelle Knitter’s Home Companion, A
Ellen, Alison Hand Knitting: New Directions
Field, Anne Collapse Weave: Creating Three-dimensional cloth
Firestein, Cecily Barth Making Paper and Fabric rubbings
Fisch, Arline M Textile Techniques in Metal for jewelers, sculptors, and textile artists
Fox, Rebecca Weaver’s Weevil, the: How to Bust That Weaving Stash
Frey, Berta Seven Projects in Rosepath
Fry, Laura Efficient Weaver, The
Fry, Laura Magic in the Water
Geary, Kay Textile Design Course for Weavers, Part 1
Geary, Kay Textile Design Course for Weavers, Part 2
Geary, Kay Textile Design Course for Weavers, Part 3
Gordon, Judith American Star Work coverlets
Griffiths, Amanda 1000 Sweaters, Mix & Match for the Perfect, Personalized Sweater
Halstead, Zoe Knitted & Felted Children’s Clothes
Handwoven Magazine Design Collection #10 Terrific Table Toppers
Handwoven Magazine Design Collection #2 Table Linens
Handwoven Magazine Design Collection #5 Dishtowels
Handwoven Magazine Design Collection #7 Simple Styles
Handwoven Magazine Design Collection #9 No Sew Garments
Henderson, Rachel I Love Knitting
HGA Exchange Baker’s Dozen, A: Tablenats and Beyond
Dahl, Carolyn A Transforming Fabric: 30 Creative Ways to Paint, Dye and Pattern Cloth
Handwoven Magazine Handwoven Magazine May/June LACE
Howell, Vickie New Knits on the Block: A Guide to Knitting What Kids Really Want
Itten, Johannes Color Star
Keasbey, Doramay Designing with Blocks
Kendall, Tracy Fabric & Yarn Dyer’s Handbook, The
Knight, Erika Classic Knits at Home
Knight, Erika Glamour Knits at Home
Krieg, Mildred V Huck Towel Patterns
Kroll, Carol Putting on the Dog: A handbook on spinning – with a different twist
Lawler, Mickey Sky Dyes: A visual Guide to Fabric Painting
MacKenzie, Judith Spinner’s Color Toolbox, A
MacKenzie, Judith Spinner’s Toolbox, A
Meldrum, Carol & Marchington, Julie Funky Knits: Knitting Know-how for Hip Young Things
Mischer, Suzan Greetings from the Knit Cafe
Muller, Donna Handwoven Laces (3rd copy)
Nash, Dominie Warp Painting: Manual for Weavers
Neilson, Rosalie Weaving Rep
Newman, Michelle & Allyson, Margaret Handpainting Fabric: Easy, Elegant Techniques
Rhodes, Tonya Stalons Rhodes Color Related Decorating Textiles: rugs, Draperies, Upholstery #14
Selander, Malin Swedish Handweaving
Selander, Malin Weave a Weave
Selander, Malin Weaving Patterns from Sweden
Simmons, Judy Creative Marbling on Fabric
Taylor, Kathleen I Heart Felt: 33 Eye-popping projects for the Inspired Knitter
Telarana Telarana Calendar
Tidball, Harriett Brocade #22
Tidball, Harriett Handwoven Specialties: 62 articles for the Handweaver to Make #11
Tidball, Harriett Mexican Motifs #6
Tidball, Harriett Peru: Textiles Unlimited Part II #26
Tidball, Harriett Ten Textiles from Far and Wide
Tourtillott, Suzanne J.E. Expectant Little Knits: Chic Designs for Mom to Be
Turner, Sharon Teach Yourself Visually Knitting
Watson, Jenny Queensland Collection, Book Ten
Weavers Guild of Boston Mass Weaver’s Wisdom: 250 Aids to Happier Weaving
Whiting, Sue Cute Knits for Baby Feet
Vogel, Lynne Twisted Sisters Sock Workbook, The
Tallarovic, Joanne Rep Weave and Beyond
Graver, Patti Next Steps in Weaving
van der Hoogt, Madelyn (ed.) Best of Weavers Thick & Thin, The
Goldberg, Sara and Patrick, Jane Simple Woven Garments
Knisely, Tom Handwoven Baby Blankets
Searle, Teresa Felt Jewelry
Kennedy, Norm Spin Flax & Cotton
Teal, Peter Hand Woolcombing and Spinning
Knisely, Tom Weaving with Novelty Yarn
Totten, Dianne Woven Shibori: Sewing with Crimp Cloth
Madison, Mary Plantation Slave Weavers Remember: An Oral History
Square, Vicki Light & Layered Knits
Black, Sandy Knitting: Fashion, Industry, Craft
Cross, Ruth Knits at Home: Rustic Designs for the Modern Next
Bush, Nancy Folk Socks The History & Techniques of Handknitted Footwear
Russo, Robin Combing Fiber
van der Hoogt, Madelyn Block Weaves
Khmeleva, Galina Spinning Gossamer Threads: The Yarns of Orenburg
MacKenzie, Judith Spinner’s Toolbox, A (2nd copy)
Loveless, Joan Potter Three Weavers
Alderman, Sharon Mastering Weave Structures
Erf, Mary Elva Congleton Weaving Shaker Rugs
Harvey, Nancy Patterns for Tapestry Weaving
Walker, Sandra Rambo Country Cloth to Coverlets
Wass, Janice Tauer Weaver’s Choice Patterns in American Coverlets
Knight, Erika Classic Knits
Editors of Vogue Knitting Magazine Vogue Knitting The Ultimate Knitting Book
Meek, Kati Reeder Warping with a Trapeze
Handwoven Handwoven Index and Resource Directory, The through 2000
Thorpe, Azalea Stuart and Larson, Jack Lerner Elements of Weaving
Fiber Art Alamac with 25 Midwestern Artists Annual Calendar
Hamilton, Cornelia Tuttle NORO Knit 40 Fabulous Designs
Emery, Irene Primary Structure of Fabrics, The
Coifman, Lucienne Rep Rips Reps Weave
van der Hoogt, Madelyn Weaving Deflected Doubleweave (DVD)
Spady, Robyn Totally Twill (DVD)
Essen, Deb Weaving with Supplemental Warp (DVD)
Essen, Deb Unlocking Profile Drafts (DVD)
Rutt, Richard History of Hand Knitting, A
Thresh, Robert & Christine Introduction to Natural Dyeing, An
Ericson, Lois & Diane Bag Book, The
Schultz, Kathleen Create Your Own Natural Dyes
Walter, Judy Ann Creating Color: A Dyer’s Handbook
Seyd, Mary Designing with String
Duncan, Molly & Bull, George Exploring Colour & Design for Handweavers
Paternayan Bros., Inc. NY Hand Knotted Rug Weaving
Pyysalo, Helvi & Merisalo, Viivi Hand Weaving Patterns from Finland
Worst, Edward F. How to Weave Linens
Holland, Nina Inkle Loom Weaving
Kliot, Jules & Kaethe Editors Irish Crochet Lace Instruction & Designs
Mitchell, Lillias Irish Spinning, Dyeing, and Weaving
Reichard, Gladys A. Navajo Shepherd and Weaver
Zhao, Feng Treasures in Silk
Burton, Dorothy S. Versatile Bronson
Frobert, Kerstin Weave a V: Designing and weaving a V-Shaped double weave shawl
Phillips, Janet Weaver’s Book of Fabric Design, The
Bridgman, Rosemary Weaving A Manual of Techniques
Rubenstone, Jessie Weaving for Beginners
You can weave a Landscape
Nunneley, Faithe Shaw Thrums Weaving Book
Rodee, Marian Weaving of the Southwest
Gillman, Rayna Create Your Own Hand-printed Cloth
Blumenau, Lili Creative Design in Wall-hangings
Ziemba, Akatay, & Schwartz Turkish Flat Weaves
Jongeward, David Weaver of Worlds
Itten, Johannes Design and Form
Irwin, Bobbie Weaving Iridescence Harness Weaving SB
Lamb, Sara Spin to Weave Spinning Book
Lane, Ruth Complete Photo Guide to Felting, The Felting Book
MacKay, Moy and Pinder, Polly Art in Felt & Stitch Felting Book
Hagen, Chad Alice and Johnson, Jorie Fabulous Felted Scarves Felting Book
Docherty, Margaret and Emerson, Jayne Simply Felt: 20 Easy and Elegant Designs in Wool Felting Book
Murphy, Marilyn Woven to Wear Harness Weaving Book
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